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The intersection between Competition and Regulation: Prospects for Reform

Common ownership, interlocking directorates & competition: a transatlantic perspective

At a time when the phenomenon of climate change becomes more acute, the need to accelerate the transformation of the Greek economy becomes urgent, through the adoption of environmentally friendly actions for the benefit of consumers and citizens, but also as a means for enhancing the competitive advantage of businesses. The aim is to adapt the Greek business environment to the context of a prosperous green, without restrictions, economy by adopting green and technologically advanced solutions. After all, environmental protection in Greece is a constitutional obligation of the State as defined in Article 24 of the Greek Constitution.

Sector inquiry by the Hellenic Competition Commission into Fintech

Sector inquiry by the Hellenic Competition Commission into e-commerce

Sector inquiry into production, distribution and marketing of basic consumer goods and in particular food products as well as cleaning and personal hygiene products - Launch of public consultation

Monday, 16 December 2019 12:45

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The strategic objective of the Directorate-General for Competition (DGC) is to maintain or restore a healthy competitive market structure. To this end, the DGC identifies and documents the practices of undertakings that restrict or distort competition and ensures that entry barriers to the market are removed, ensuring that it is free and open to all undertakings.

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