Wednesday, 08 July 2020

Press release: Complaint and ex officio investigation

Subject: Complaint against «MEGA SPRINT GUARD S.A.», «MONDIALPOL HELLASSECURITY SERVICES S.A.» and «ISS SECURITY S.A.» («ESA SECURITYSOLUTIONS S.A.») and ex officio investigation of the General Directorate for Competition into alleged infringements of competition in the relevant market of security services

The Plenary of the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) will convene on 24th September 2020 in order to review, following the relevant report, pursuant to Articles 1L. 703/1977, 1 L. 3959/2011 and of Article 101 TFEU, a complaint against «MEGA SPRINT GUARD S.A.», «MONDIALPOL HELLAS SECURITY SERVICES S.A.» and «ISSASPIS SECURITY S.A.» («ESA SECURITY SOLUTIONS S.A.») as well as an ex officio investigation of General Directorate for Competition (GDC) into alleged infringements of competition in the relevant market of security activities.

According to the report, SECURITY SERVICES TRADE ASSOCIATION (SEEYA), «BRINK'S HERMES SECURITY SERVICES S.A.» and «BRINK'S HERMES AVIATIONSECURITY SERVICES S.A.», have infringed Articles 1 L. 3959/2011, 1 L. 703/1977 and101 TFEU, while «MEGA SPRINT GUARD S.A.», «DRASIS SECURITY GROUP S.A.», «STEFANIDIS KONSTANTΙNOS», «DIAS SPRINT GUARD» and «KALOGERAKISSECURITY», have infringed Articles 1 L. 3959/2011 and 1 L. 703/1977. The report also suggests the imposition of a fine for all the infringements by the above mentioned firms in the relevant market of security services. 

Moreover, according to the report, «MONDIALPOL HELLAS SECURITY SERVICES S.A.») and «ESA SECURITY SOLUTIONS S.A.» have not infringed Articles 1 L. 3959/2011 and 1 L. 703/1977.

It is noted that the report is not binding for the Commission. The latter will decide upon the case after it has taken into consideration all evidence, as well as the arguments put forward by all implicated parties.

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