Thursday, 31 August 2023

Press Release – The HCC’s presence at the 87th TIF

Subject: The HCC’s presence at the 87th TIF

The Hellenic Competition Commission participates for the first time, with its own stand, in the Thessaloniki International Fair. This initiative is aimed at:

  • Providing responsible information to visitors, consumers & entrepreneurs on Competition Law as well as on the Authority’s competences and actions in the context of the current inflationary period.
  • Bringing business representatives and interested stakeholders together with the Heads of the Sectoral Directorates of the Directorate General for Competition for their information on matters of their interest or concern and related to Competition Law (grievances, complaints, advice, etc.), through the organisation of thematic days.
  • Promoting the Sustainability Sandbox, the pioneering tool developed by the Hellenic Competition Commission with the aim of strengthening innovation and making a positive contribution to sustainable development and the green transition of the Greek economy. The Sustainability Sandbox is a protected environment created by the HCC that encourages businesses to adopt innovative entrepreneurial ideas in favour of sustainable development.
  • Promoting the whistleblowing - anonymous reporting tools for businesses and contracting authorities.
  • Allowing the direct contact with the country’s Academic community, in particular from Northern Greece, providing the opportunity for students and young scientists to get to know and gain an insight into the work of the Hellenic Competition Commission with the aim of attracting specialised human capital and renewing the HCC’s staff.
  • Promoting the Authority's work to the general public by distributing QR codes for the HCC’s official forms and publications (Guides, Sector Inquiries, Studies, etc.)

In the context of its presence at the 87th TIF, the HCC organises six thematic days, one for each DGC’s Sectoral Directorate and respective regulated Market, providing its stand visitors, namely entrepreneurs or representatives of various bodies, with the possibility of scheduling a teleconferencing appointment, which takes place within a special HCC’s stand area, with the respective Heads of the DGC’s Sectoral Directorates, to discuss matters of concern to them and relating to the application of Competition Law (possible market distortions, complaints, information, etc.)

The HCC’s fair stand will be open to the public from Saturday, September 9 to Sunday, September 17, during the TIF operating hours, at Pavilion 15 “e-Politeia”Stand 15.

For more information as well as for making an appointment with the Heads of the DGC’s Sectoral Directorates, you can visit the HCC’s TIF-dedicated website at

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