Monday, 09 November 2020

Press Release - Digital Conference about Competition Law in Digital Economy

Subject: Digital Conference about Competition Law in Digital Economy

In view of the forthcoming legislative developments, both at national and EU level, aimed at radically reviewing the application of competition rules in the digital environment - including the expected amendment of national competition law 3959/2011 and the European initiatives for the adoption of the regulatory framework for digital services (Digital Services Act) and digital markets (Digital Markets Act) —, the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) has proceeded to the appointment of Professor Michalis Iakovidis (London Business School) as Advisor for the Digital Economy, as well as the set-up of an Advisory Committee of Scientists from leading international universities, chaired by Professor Frédéric Jenny, Chairman of the OECD Competition Commission.

The HCC seeks to be active in the relevant consultations held within the European Competition Network (ECN). To this end, we wish to be in open communication with representatives of Greek companies in order to understand the challenges they face, as well as their perception of the competitive process in the digital environment, in light of the specific characteristics of the Greek economy in the context of the broader goal of its digital transformation.

In this context, the HCC organized on Friday, December 6th, 2020, the first informal teleconference on digital economy issues. It was attended by representatives of successful digital companies and growing startups, who had the opportunity to share their concerns about the conditions of competition in the digital environment and proposed solutions to strengthen the position of Greek companies in international competition. The round table discussion, which was moderated by Professor of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace, Mr. Michael-Theodoros Marinos, was preceded by presentations on current issues of competition law and economics by: Mr. Ioannis Lianos, Chairman of the HCC, Michalis Iakovidis, Professor at London Business School, and Nikolaos Economides, Professor at the Leonard Stern School of Business of New York University.

The HCC wishes to continue its contacts with the business world and encourages each interested party to request and schedule a private teleconference with executives of the HCC on matters within its competence, making use of its new Digital Services. More details about the Digital Services of the HCC and information for your access to them can be found here.

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