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The awarding of the Morocco Twinning Programme "Renforcement des capacités institutionnelles du Conseil de la Concurrence", aiming at strengthening the institutional capacity and operation of the Competition Council of the Kingdom of Morocco (CdC), was announced following a competitive selection process. The implementation of the programme is awarded to a consortium led by the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC), in cooperation with the National Competition Αuthorities of Poland and Italy. The Project Leader of twinning programme is the President of the HCC, Mr. Ioannis Lianos and Mr Piotr Adamczewski (UOKiK) and Mr Gianluca Sepe (Italian Competition Authority) are the Junior Partners of the project. The persons responsible for the components and stages of the project are Ms. Anna Nakou, HCC, Ms. Agnieszka Ciucias, Polish Competion Authority (UOKiK), Mr. Gianluca Sepe, Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), Ms. Martyna Derszniak-Noirjean, UOKiK. In addition, Ms. Sylvia Kampalouri, HCC official, has been selected as the Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) for the Twinning Project.

It is pointed out that this awarding is of major importance for our country, taking into consideration that it is the first time that the Hellenic Competition Commission participates in a Twinning Programme, even taking a leading role as it represents Greece as the Member State Project Leader. The HCC’s international cooperation is thus recognised and its role over the last two years is enhanced, a period during which the Commission's administration has proceeded with a strategic plan to strengthen its presence and influence in shaping competition policy at a European and international level.

The programme also strengthens the relations of Greece and the European Union with Morocco and in general with the North Africa region.

At the same time, close cooperation with other National Competition Authorities within and beyond Europe contributes to improving the effectiveness of the HCC by transfer of know-how between the HCC and the other authorities in the context of their cooperation.

The main objective of twinning programme is to contribute to the sharpening of competition in Morocco, the strengthening of economic competitiveness and the development of the private sector in the country, while supporting the process of regulatory convergence towards the requirements of the EU's acquis and implementation of international best practices.

In particular, the project aims at: (i) strengthening the professional capacity of the Moroccan Competition Council’s members with a view to effectively carrying out its new activities, in accordance with the requirements of the European good practices; and (ii) strengthening the promotion of a competition law culture in the country.

This strengthening implies the review of methodological tools (such as manuals, procedural guides) of the Competition Council in line with the EU acquis and best practices, specific training sessions, study visits, and the establishment of a permanent legal monitoring system within the Moroccan Competition Council, which will serve as an essential tool for the development of the Council's activities in the context of a similar effort that has been launched in Greece, thereby creating important synergies within the HCC.

The total budget of the project is capped at 900,000 EUROS and its duration is 24 months, with expected starting date of implementation on February 1, 2022.

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