Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Press Release: Memoranda of Cooperation between the Hellenic Competition Commission and Consumer Associations

Subject: "Memoranda of Cooperation between the Hellenic Competition Commission and Consumer Associations"

Recognising the parties’ mutual interest in the operation of effective competition and considering that cooperation between them will be for the benefit of consumers, the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) and the consumer associations, EKPOIZO, INKA and KEPKA, signed on October 25, 2019, three (3) bilateral Memoranda of Cooperation.

The Memoranda of Cooperation aim to establish a communication framework and promote cooperation between the parties to optimise consumer information and cover, inter alia, the exchange of information and the implementation of actions in areas of common interest.

The HCC appreciates the important role of consumer associations in a well-functioning competitive market. Aiming at strengthening their role and promoting their training on competition issues, in cooperation with the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), it intends to organise seminars to increase the involvement of consumer associations in the application of competition law.

In addition, based on the HCC’s updated prioritisation system, which has been opened to public consultation until 11 November 2019, emphasis will be placed on investigating cases brought before the HCC by Consumer Associations with which the Commission maintains institutional cooperation.

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