Thursday, 04 March 2021

Press Release - Assessment of the effectiveness of ATTICA's commitments

Subject: Assessment of the competitive conditions and the effectiveness of the commitments undertaken by ATTICA GROUP (“ATTICA”) under Decision No. 658/2018 of the Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”), in order to withdraw or extend, in whole or in part, the commitments under sections B1-B3

The HCC will convene on April 19, 2021 to assess, following the relevant Rapporteur’s Opinion, the conditions of competition and the effectiveness of the commitments undertaken by ATTICA under Decision No. 658/2018 (“Commitment Decision”). In accordance with section B5 of the Commitment Decision, the HCC will decide upon the removal or extension, in whole or in part, of the relevant commitments under sections B1-B3 for a maximum of three (3) years. 

The Commitment Decision approved the merger concerning the acquisition of sole control by ATTICA of Hellenic Seaways, subject to commitments, in accordance with article 8 of Law 3959/2011, as in force. 

These commitments concern:

i. The non-increase of the frequency of services, per relevant product market (passengers, cars, lorries), in the route from/to Attica and the islands of Paros, Naxos, Ios, Thira, Amorgos, Koufonisia, Syros, Patmos (“Islands of Commitments”) compared to the frequency of services prior to the merger. Especially for the route from / to Attica and the island of Patmos, the commitment concerns the maintenance of the frequency of services (i.e. the non-reduction of the itineraries as well).

ii. In the event that a Third-Competitor becomes active in specific routes from/to Attica and the Islands of Commitments , ATTICA will cease its activity in these routes.

After evaluating the effectiveness of the above commitments and the conditions of competition in the relevant markets, the Opinion suggests:

  • removing the commitment not to increase the frequency of services in the relevant markets of passengers, cars and lorries from / to Attica and the island of Ios and
  • extending of the validity of the other commitments for another three (3) years.

The Rapporteur’s Proposal is not binding on the HCC, which will decide on the basis of the available facts and the views of ATTICA.

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