Thursday, 04 March 2021

Press Release - Memorandum of Understanding between the HCC and the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) and the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), by the President of the HCC, Professor Ioannis Lianos and the Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Dimitrios Bourantonis, with the aim to consolidate and strengthen cooperation between the Parties.

In pursuance of their objectives, the parties agreed, in particular, on a joint action plan including, inter alia:

  • Cooperation between HCC’s officials and AUEB’s research teams, aimed at the development of joint research activities and know-how exchange
  • Upskilling, training, accreditation of knowledge, skills and professional qualifications of the HCC’s officials, on the basis of recognised standards
  • Development of special "internship programmes" forAUEB’s students (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral or postdoctoral) at the HCC
  • Collaboration on existing or new academic programmes and design or creation of co-financed joint Programmes
  • Providing support to research activities in connection with the preparation of Diploma and Doctoral Theses, the topics of which fall within the thematic area of ​​Competition law and economics, as well as of the applied data science
  • Development of a programme of targeted initiatives to create a climate of understanding and cooperation between the Parties (thematic meetings, conferences, lectures, workshops)
  • Co-organisation of scientific or research activities (e.g. conferences, workshops, events)
  • Submission of proposals to co-financed national, European or international projects
  • Optimal utilisation of new financing/support instruments

In this regard, the Rector of the AUEB, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis, stressed that "with the substantial cooperation of both sides and the implementation of the actions described, we expect students and company employees to benefit in many ways, through the linking of research and training with innovation and entrepreneurship".

The President of the HCC stated as follows: "Competition Authorities are increasingly facing considerable challenges in an ever-changing economy, both due to technological and climate change, as well as the reshaping of market structures and the way businesses compete with each other. The traditional toolkit and methodology available to Competition Authorities may not suffice to address new phenomena, such as the use of algorithms in the competition between undertakings or the impact on massive collection and use of consumer data privacy. Therefore, close cooperation is needed between the Competition Commission and the academic community in order to develop the necessary methodologies and to create the appropriate tools to enable Competition Authorities to carry out their work effectively. Synergies like the one between the AUEB and the Hellenic Competition Commission, contribute to the more effective competition law enforcement, while creating a research ecosystem that enriches both the Competition Commission's action and the educational process at the University, for the benefit of society and the economy. We look forward to an intensive and multidimensional cooperation with this prominent public academic institution in economics and research in our country».

The meeting was held at the offices of the Athens University of Economics and Business, where the main aspects of the cooperation and joint actions for 2021 were presented, while the signed MoU was exchanged. 

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