Friday, 27 November 2020

Press Release: Creativity Contest "Competition and Art"

Subject: Extension of entry deadline for the Creativity Contest "Competition and Art"

The Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC), because of the new lockdown imposed in Greece due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has decided to extend the original deadline for the creativity contest, announced at the end of July 2020, for the submission of entries consisting in creations of a symbolic figure and a video/message, until Monday, March 15, 2021.

This contest is addressed to young creators and artists and invites them to participate in the creation of a Symbolic Figure and/or a Video / Message, able to promote the principles and messages of healthy and free competition by using modern digital means.

The Figure that symbolizes, incarnates and disseminates in the most appropriate way the HCC’s fight against anti-competitive practices (especially business cartels), for the benefit of both businesses and consumers, will be used to create comics, infographics and advertisements that will convey the HCC’s efforts to promote competition.

The Video / Message, which will inform the general public on competition issues and will convey messages about the value of healthy and free competition, both in terms of entrepreneurship / innovation and development, and society in general, will be displayed on HCC’s Social Media accounts as well as on TV channels.

This action takes place in the wider context of the HCC's new communication strategy in order to promote in a fresh, familiar and direct way, the culture of competition in Greece and to raise public awareness about the social benefits of competition for the Greek economy.

HCC also wishes to support young creators and artists, especially in the current difficult circumstances, by providing them with the opportunity to unfold their imagination and creativity and to leave their mark on the design of the new HCC'c communication strategy, setting therefore the basis for a more holistic promotion of the culture of competition in Greece.

The best proposal in each of the two categories will be awarded with IT equipment of significant value.

At the end of the contest and the announcement of the winners, there will be an awards ceremony where the best works of each category will be exhibited.

Entry is open to both individuals and groups.

The works shall be submitted electronically through the website that was created by HCC especially for the contest, where all the relevant information, terms and technical specifications are provided.

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