Monday, 11 July 2022

Decision 791/2022

Decision adopted in accordance with article 14(2) (n) bb) and 29B-29G of L. 3959/2011, as in force following its amendment by L. 4886/2022, on the criteria and conditions for granting full immunity from, or reduction of the fines imposed on undertakings and natural persons contributing to the detection of prohibited horizontal agreements of article 1 of the above Law or article 101 TFEU ["Leniency Programme"].

Decision 791/2022
File (PDF) Decision 791/2022
Date of Issuance of Decision July 11th 2022
Issue Number of Government Gazette  4677/ Β΄/ 05.09.2022
Subject of the Decision
Legal Framework
Summary of Decision

The purpose of the present Leniency Programme is to assist the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) in detecting and terminating cartels in order to punish those involved in them. In this context, undertakings, associations of undertakings and natural persons which participate in any way in such illegal activities and wish to cease their participation and inform the HCC of the existence of these activities, shall be granted full or partial immunity from fines under the specific conditions analyzed in the decision.

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