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Decision 571/2013

Decision on the ex-officio investigation in companies that are active in the field of driving schools, to examine possible infringement of the provisions of articles 1 of former L. 703/1977 and current L. 3959/2011 & 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU.

Decision 571/2013
File (PDF) Decision 571/2013
Date of Publication of Decision July 29th, 2013
Issue Number of Government Bulletin 645/Β/14.3.2014
Relevant Market

Providing Theoretical and Practical Driving Courses

Subject of the Decision


Legal Framework

Art. 1 L.3959/2011

Operative part of the Decision

Finding of infringement 


Ex-officio investigation

Company(ies) concerned

1. Association of Driving Schools of Peloponnese and Western Greece "AGIOS NIKOLAOS"

2. Association of Car and Motorcycle Drivers’ Instructors of Thessaloniki "O LEFKOS PYRGOS"

3. Association of Car Drivers’ Instructors of the Prefecture of Evia and Viotia

4. Association of Professional Instructors for Car and Motorcycle Drivers of the Prefecture of Arta "O ARACHTHOS"

5. Association of Professional Instructors of Drivers and Motorcyclists of Epirus and Ionian Islands "TA GIANNENA"

6. Association of Car Drivers’ Instructors of Central Greece

7. Corinth Association of Candidate Drivers’ Trainers

8. Panhellenic Federation of Drivers’ Instructors


9. Driving School Ser. Vokalis - Vas. Vlachos OE

10. Charalampos Liagas Driving School

11. George Katopis Driving School

12. Ioannis Kornezos Driving School

13. Panagiotis Lysigakis Driving School

14. Panagiotis Kroustalis Driving School

15. Apostolos Kapsalis Driving School

16. National Bank of Greece


18. Piraeus Bank

19. Cooperative Bank of Lamia

Summary of Decision

In this case, the HCC found that certain professional associations and individual companies operating in the driving school market had infringed competition rules and it therefore imposed fines. In the Decision, the Commission issued recommendations and threatened with the imposition of sanctions in case of non-compliance.

In particular, the Commission decided that certain professional associations and companies throughout Greece had implemented collusive practices, in particular through price fixing and, occasionally, through restriction of the provision of relevant services, in breach of Article 1 of the Competition Law. In addition, the HCC found that the COOPERATIVE BANK OF LAMIA acted as a facilitator of the cartel and has therefore infringed competition law. The total amount of fine imposed amounts to 111,900 euros.

Judicial Means Judicial Proceedings were initiated.
Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens (Administrative Division) DEA 4771/2015 , StE 1039/2016
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