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Decision 698/2019

Acceptance by the Hellenic Competition Commission of the commitments proposed by "DIAGEO HELLAS SA" (“DIAGEO”) so as to address competition concerns (Articles 1 and 2  L. 3959/2011, Articles 1 and 2 L. 703/1977 and Articles 101/102 TFEU), raised on the basis of the ex-officio investigation of the Directorate-General for Competition, with regard to various commercial practices of the company in several alcoholic beverages markets in the on-premise channel.


Decision 698/2019
File (PDF) Decision 698/2019
Date of Publication of Decision December 18th, 2019
Issue Number of Government Bulletin Β΄/4594/19.10.2020
Relevant Market The relevant markets relating to this case are distinguished in several alcoholic beverages markets: (i) Scotch whisky, (ii) Gin, and (iii) Ready To Drinks/PREMIX products, in the on-premise channel in Greece.
Proceedings Acceptance of Proposed Commitments
Legal Framework

Articles 25 par. 6 of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011


Acceptance of commitments

Company under examination


Summary of Decision

Pursuant to article 25 par. 6 of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011, the Hellenic Competition Commission has accepted and made binding the commitments proposed by DIAGEO. In particular, on the basis of the commitments proposed by DIAGEO, the latter shall not enter into pouring agreements with, existing or new, strategically important on-premise outlets, as such are defined in the commitments.

DIAGEO has committed to adopting the above principles for a period of five (5) years as from 31-01-2020. Non-compliance with the commitments may lead to the imposition of a fine, in accordance to Article 25 par. 1 (v. and vi.) and par. 2 (i. and ii.) of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011.

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Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens(Administrative Division)  -
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