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Tuesday, 23 March 2021 10:15

Press Release -  Clearance of the proposed acquisition by «BELTERRA INVESTMENTS» of sole control over «MELBERY INVESTMENTS»

Subject: Clearance of the proposed acquisition by «BELTERRA INVESTMENTS LIMITED» of sole control over «MELBERY INVESTMENTS LIMITED»

By its unanimous Decision No. 727/2021, the Hellenic Competition Commission («HCC») unanimously approved, under Greek merger control rules (ar. 8 (3) of Law No 3959/2011), the proposed acquisition of sole control of «MELBERY INVESTMENTS LIMITED» and its subsidiary in Greece by «BELTERRA INVESTMENTS LIMITED». 

«MELBERY INVESTMENTS LIMITED» possesses indirectly the 67% of the capital stock of «Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A.» («THPA S.A.»). Therefore, after the clearance of the concentration, «BELTERRA INVESTMENTS LIMITED» acquires the sole control of the «THPA S.A.».

According to the Decision, the notified transaction does not raise serious doubts as to its compatibility with merger control rules in the relevant markets concerned by the concentration.