Sotirios Karkalakos

Full Member of the Board

Professor, University of Piraeus

Sotirios Karkalakos

Sotirios Karkalakos holds the position of Associate Professor at University of Piraeus. He received his Ph.D in Applied Economics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) and an M.Sc. in Financial Economics from Florida Atlantic University (USA). He graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics (B.A.) from the University of Piraeus (Greece).

His research agenda includes a number of topics from the area of business economics. Actually, he focus on competition policy, corporate market shares and capital allocation. His work combines expertise in valuation, vertical and horizontal investments, and competitive analysis as far as spatial allocation of financial activity.

He attends numerous international conferences and workshops. He regularly publishes papers in international journals such as European Economic Review, Canadian Journal of Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, International Journal of Fιnance and Economics, Journal of Macroeconomics and Journal of Applied Economics, as well as serving as referee for multiple international journals as European Economic Review, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, Regional Studies and Journal of Applied Economics.

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